Um…fuck you??


Wow. So by starting a new blog I thought I’d get away from political ranting. But when I try to think of ‘other things’ to write about I can’t work up the same level of motivation. Fury works wonders for motivation for me.

So this morning I had noticed a comment about this post.

I was busy working on a couple of assessments, and also arguing with arsehat commentors trolls over at News With Nipples – on, oh yes, now it comes back to me. How even our Police Commissioner says women ought to drink less or they might get raped but more importantly they might damage their status as prime baby factories! Yeah okay, he used words that he thinks sound better, but seriously.


Mr Scipione, the father of two sons and a daughter, said he wanted young women to take responsibility for their safety when drinking before they became victims of crime.

”Think about it before you do it, talk about it, have a plan, how you’re getting home, who you’re going home with. And look out for your mates. You can get a sexually transmitted disease that you are never going to get rid of; it potentially will affect your fertility.

”Who knows what effect it will have on an unborn child? These are serious, life-altering decisions.”


And you thought you were just on the piss. It seems that these young women are having unprotected sex with men – and yet I don’t see the moral panic about the men who are *not wearing the condoms*. Their sexual health/emotional health and future babies don’t matter? Oh right. Boys are allowed to get on the piss and sow their wild oats. If women get tipsy they’re whorebags who are risking their unborn children, their mortal souls and being attacked by a rapist. Pardon me, but I’d have thought that as the Police Commissioner his lookout would be on a/ reducing rapes and b/ prosecuting rapes, not sexual and emotional health and victim blaming. Do your fucking job dipshit.

Where was I? Oh right – so I’m working on assessments, and dinner, and arguing with trolls, and research, and laundry etc and I see this post. All about how Frank O’Shea (retired maths teacher and author) is STARTLED!!! Startled at the way feminists have utterly abandoned their female leader. At that point, overworked as I was I didn’t read the initial post. I rolled my eyes at the tired old ‘WHERE ARE FEMINISTS???HUH??HUH???’ stuff, and went my merry way. And then I read it and nearly choked on my coffee.

It’s not bad enough that Mr O’Shea denounces feminists for ‘not’ caring about, writing about or objecting to the horrid sexist attacks on Prime Minister Gillard (which we do, have done, will always do), but then whoa, he takes off on this whole race thing that’s really breathtakingly ignorant and offensive.

Some gems (first the ‘bad feminist’ shit):

She would be justified in feeling feel that the criticism of her is so personal that it ought to raise the ire of feminists. Surely, feminism ought to mean more than marching for equal rights at work and in the home and in relationships. Surely there should be some defence of a woman from a working class background who took on the male world of the law and rose to the top and then challenged the even more macho world of politics, yet is publicly pilloried in terms that refer specifically to her gender.

As was pointed out in this post and in Chally’s comments we bloody well have, do and will continue to. The fact O’Shea can’t get off his ring and look up feminist blogs and opinions before he goes off half-cocked (as it were) is just so not our problem – I don’t need to go rummaging through old posts to establish that feminists have written extensively on the problems of sexist treatment of PM Gillard, of Hilary Clinton and even of Sarah Palin whose policies were an extreme nightmare for feminism. Sure we hated all she stood for but we were there batting for her right NOT to be called a slut, a bitch, a whore, not to be pilloried on the basis of her gender or looks. As we did before Gillard was elected officially, after, and ever since. Mainstream media women like Devine were happy to decry her as a ‘bad role model’ but feminists came out fighting for Gillard. Again, we’ve frequently had massive problems with her policies, but we’ve been fighting for her right to be treated with the full respect of her office and to be free from sexist treatment. But O’Shea ‘didn’t see it’ so it clearly doesn’t count.

But worse, to me, than the tired old crap of yet another white dude telling feminists how to do their job while shitting all over them was the race stuff. The noise my brain made was something like ‘BOOOIIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG’ (my extreme confusion/outrage noise):

A similar thing happened almost four years ago when American feminists abandoned Hillary Clinton in favour of an African-American. For all their sisterly talk, feminism came a disloyal second to the fear of offending those who felt that correcting the inequalities suffered by coloured people in the US was more important than the chance to show that the most powerful person on the planet could be a woman. So much for the sisterhood. [emphasis mine]

Wow. Really, just what. The. Fuck?

It gets very tedious addressing this bullshit again and again – so at the time of the elections I remember a lot of women still supporting Clinton – and a lot of discussion about some outrageous sexism before the election and in the aftermath. We did defend Clinton from sexist bullshit. But see how he’s changed the focus ever so slightly? It isn’t good enough any more to defend women in power/positions of potential power from sexist personal attacks (the goal posts earlier) – we now have to decide to vote for her on the basis of boobs and vag over policy. There is absolutely no way right, that a feminist could prefer the policies put forward by Obama to those put forward by Clinton? There’s absolutely now way that this could have been a difficult decision that required a lot of thought and balancing of pros and cons? There is absolutely no way that Obama was qualified and looked like the best candidate is there? Nope. We Feminists Think As One, we took a vote and it was unanimous. We sold out our sister for fear of offending…I cannot even finish that sentence it’s so heinous – Obama got elected because of racial guilt? That’s the only reason O’Shea can think of that a feminist might have preferred Obama? That there were complex tussles within the Democrats over who to support, and that perhaps (just perhaps) feminists didn’t have total iron-fisted control over those tussles? Pht, piffle. Feminists rule the world and they sold out their ‘sister’ for fear of offending.

Fuck you O’Shea – way to make it sound like Obama didn’t deserve the job but got it on some kind of undeserved Affirmative Action.

This leads to the speculation of whether Julia Gillard would be subject to the same vitriol if she were Aboriginal or came from some ethnic background distinguished by skin colour. The shock jocks might give second thought to suggestions of physical harm and might distance themselves from the kind of chanting and banners that would have people removed from a football ground.

Yeah because shock jocks are so notoriously sensitive to race issues. And no way is racism against Aboriginals promoted, tolerated or excused in society!

What, I wonder, if Ms Gillard were Jewish? That group make up a relatively small section of society, but they know how to protect their own. Even those whose adherence to Judaism does not involve any outward form of religious observance would quickly organise.

I don’t even know where to go with this. They ‘know how to protect their own’? Are you seriously making all forms of discrimination the fault of those discriminated against for not being organised enough? And in conjunction with ‘Obama got elected from racial guilt’ this ‘Jews protect their own’ stuff just seems…icky.

I make the point as forcefully as I can that I am not suggesting that Aborigines or Jews would be one-eyed in their support of someone simply because that person was one of their own [ed: though he did suggest women/feminists should have done exactly that with regards to Clinton]. But if the criticism was so personal and was based on colour or ethnic/religious background, they would quickly make their voices heard.

Well, I hope that is the case – I’ve seen Indigenous voices silenced far too frequently though, so even getting your voice heard is not sufficient to guarantee that the racist bullshit will stop. Same goes with feminism – we’re talking, shouting, and lobbying all the time, but a/ we don’t get airtime/page space, and b/when we do we’re castigated/ridiculed anyway. And how in the world is that sexism (the same sexism that grounds the sexist personal attacks against PM Gillard which we decry and which decrying you erase with a sweep of your manly pen) our fault?

So I ask again: where are the feminists when the female Prime Minister of the country is subject to snide comments about her clothes sense or her diction or her decision to live with a man who is not her husband or her political association with a party led by a man who is gay?

We’re where we always are – at work, at home, with friends, writing, voting, arguing, shouting, frequently being silenced or ignored, and sometimes, on special occasions silenced, ignored, and blamed simultaneously. I’d just like to thank you for your stupendous display of hypocrisy – where are we? Right here, as per, doing our thing and fighting in all the ways we have available to us. You have available this platform, this recognised and listened to voice and you use it to homogenous women and erase their efforts and achievements while decrying the same behaviour in others, and somehow managing to blame us, the ones who’ve actually been fighting the fight you despair isn’t being fought. Well done.

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    • No I think feminists are supposed to be able to stop people saying bad things about her simply because she’s female, a de facto and associated with a gay leader (I’ve gone cross-eyed – I mean that people ARE saying bad things because of those three factors, and feminists therefore should have been defending her) – so I think we’re bad because we “didn’t” defend her over those things. Except of course we did while O’Shea had his head jammed up his arse and decided it was more fun to make shit up about feminists than get to know them and listen to what they are talking about.

      It’s a bit of a jumbled up sentence (and post) and me cutting and pasting amongst my own ranting didn’t help. So I get that you know, it’s ‘nice’ that he thinks she shouldn’t be attacked because of those things. It’s just ‘not nice’ to get a resounding smack from someone who never bothered finding out what feminists were saying before deciding we hadn’t said it and he was here to take us to task.

      • What an idiot. It’s up there with Crikey’s “where are all the female political bloggers?”. Um, on the freakin’ internet, if you’d actually bothered to look. Just because they’re not in your blogroll doesn’t mean they’re not there.

        Anyway, I thought the website that published O’Shea’s idiotic post was supposed to be progressive? Mind you, I’d never heard of them before, they just had the P word on their about page.

  1. I know I am really, really slow, but I did not realise who Doubleantandre was until today. My blogroll still points to the old blog, but I’ll update it when CIB moves to its shiny new digs (yes I’m moving too!) sometime in the next few weeks!

    So good to know you’re still writing, I kept refreshing the old blog and getting the sadz.

    • Haha, yeah I never did make any official ‘announcement’. I was just thinking about the blog-change this morning. It was so full of promise. Like I’d be a new person. A person who had time to tend to a blog even! ๐Ÿ™‚ I *think* about posts all the time! But then the wheels fall off and the only time I think ‘Hey, I really must write a blog is when I’m about to start work on uni stuff. And I know enough about my own procrastination capacities to know that’s not a good idea no matter how appealing it sounds. ๐Ÿ™‚

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